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We believe that any inclusive community should be open and accessible to everyone. That's why we're creating one place where you can find everything you need to get involved and discover new opportunities.

I want to get involved in the community

Join one of the local groups. If you’re interested in giving a talk then join our speakers list so that organisers can find you.

I’m a developer looking for work

Search for jobs or contact companies directly. If you’re a contractor, advertise your services on the companies list.

We’re a company recruiting developers

First make sure you’re on our list on companies then add a listing to jobs. The companies also list includes contractors that you can reach out to.

I’m an organiser running an event

If you organise a meetup make sure you’re on the groups list. Reach out to speakers and invite them talk at your events.

Featured groups

  • Subject Data: Cardiff
  • BridgendCodeCamp
  • Rust and C++ Cardiff

Featured speakers

  • Craig Marvelley

    Programming, Infrastructure, Team strategy

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  • Eleanor Deal

    Go, Software Development, Team Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Simon Stratton

    Performance Testing in TypeScript, BDD and TDD in JavaScript

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Featured companies

  • designdough

    We are designdough; an exciting and progressive design agency of Brand Shapers, Marketing Strategists and Creative thinkers.

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  • GeoLang

    Data discovery and data loss prevention

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  • Cellnovo

    Cellnovo is a medical technology company specialising in diabetes.

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