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AI Wales
AWS South Wales User Group
Bitcoin SV Wales
Bitcoin Wales
CaRdiff - the Cardiff R User Group
Cardiff Coders
Cardiff Dev
Cardiff Go Meetup
Cardiff Scala Meetup Group
Cardiff SEO Meet
Cardiff Tech Talk
Cardiff WordPress Meetup
Cloud Native Wales
Code Club Wales
Design Swansea
DevOps and Dine
Games Wales
GDG Cardiff
Gray Rhinos Tech Meetup
MSFT Stack
North Wales Tech
PHP South Wales
PHP Wales
PowerShell Cardiff UK
Product Tank Cardiff
PyData Cardiff
Rust and C++ Cardiff
South Wales Agile Group
South Wales Linux User Group
Subject Data: Cardiff
Swansea Digital Marketing & SEO Meetup
Swansea Software Development Meet-up
Test Talks Wales
The HealthTech Meetup
UX Wales
Women Tech Cymru